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To deliver highest quality and cost effective solutions in the shortest time possible for every project we undertake.
Handheld/Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development Élan Telemedia ensures quality based services for Mobile Application Development Solution, Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Android - Google mobile hosted solution, iPhone Mobile Website Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development.

iPhone Application Development Services

The introduction of iPhone marked a new beginning in the mobile application development industry. With iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple has made groundbreaking new platform. This presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies with new product ideas. Larger organizations and companies with established products will also greatly benefit by extending their applications and products to run on iPhone and iPod Touch. Given the power of this mobile computing platform, there are various types of applications that can be developed for iPhone and the iPod Touch.

iPhone Native Applications Development:

We deploy a wide-ranging and structured process for developing native iPhone applications using the iPhone SDK to add value to your existing applications.

iPhone Web Application Development:

Our developers can develop iPhone web applications that can get easily incorporated with built-in iPhone applications or build new web-based iphone applications from scratch.

iPhone GPS-based Application Development:

Our iPhone application developers have experience in developing location based applications to keep track of moving vehicles, people, pets and other mobile things using GPS services.

iPhone Porting Services:

Porting of existing mobile applications on diverse platforms to iPhone is a major area. Existing application owners would love to explore the customer base of iPhone by porting their application. And we happily provide following porting service. J2ME to iPhone BlackBerry to iPhone Symbian to iPhone BREW to iPhone Windows Mobile to iPhone.

iPhone Applications developed by Élan Telemedia Limited :

Games News Entertainment Search tools Social networking and its integration Sports Travel Weather Utilities Productivity Software

Application Development Services for Blackberry

Blackberry is a popular business smart phone developed by Research in Motion (RIM). Blackberry phones have gained in popularity due to the availability of push-email services that are required by executives when away from their work.

We have experienced Blackberry application developers skilled in providing enterprise class solutions involving push email, calendar, data synchronisation, mobile meeting and more.

Élan Telemedia develops Blackberry OS application on the Blackberry J2ME and MDS platforms and our Blackberry services include the following:

  • Custom Blackberry Software Application Development
  • Blackberry E-Commerce Solutions
  • 3 rd Party Application Porting on Blackberry Devices
  • Blackberry Games Development
  • Rich Multimedia Applications Development for Blackberry
  • VoIP Solutions for Blackberry Smartphones
  • Blackberry GPS Applications Solutions
  • Blackberry Client/Server Application Development
  • Blackberry Porting and Handset Testing Solutions
  • J2ME to Blackberry Migration Services

Palm OS Application Development

Palm PDAs and smart phones have become quite popular today amongst the business executive as well as the young generation. It then makes sense to cater to this segment via new Palm software and applications custom designed to meet the emerging needs.

Elan Telemedia has successful leveraged all existing technologies and platforms to create great applications for the Palm OS. Whether you are looking for enterprise mail solutions or synchronisation between enterprise data and employee Palm handheld device, our expert team can provide just the right solution for you in a cost-effective and efficiency maximization manner.

We offer the following Palm Application Development Services:

  • Application Porting from existing systems to Palm
  • Palm HotSync synchronization Palm
  • Multimedia application development
  • Standalone Palm software application development
  • Palm PDA mobile server and database development
  • Palm database enterprise integration services
  • Existing Palm code optimisation

We understand that the greatest benefit will accrue to you only when your workers productivity is enhanced through out customised Palm applications. Keeping this factor in mind our final Palm software applications are released only after extensive testing and user feedback.

Symbian Application Development Services

Élan Telemedia is a leading Symbian mobile application developing company with proven expertise in a range of Symbian frameworks and technologies, like UIQ, FreeWay, ScreenPlay, SMP, Demand Paging and others. We can develop all types of Symbian OS software and applications including Symbian games, Symbian multimedia apps and much more. Our dedicated Symbian application developers have the requisite skills to deliver top-notch Symbian products and services, taking into consideration all your needs and your target audience.

Whether it is news based Symbian application development or entertainment applications, we have just the right solution for you. We have quickly adapted and mastered new Symbian technologies that hold high promise for future mobile development. Location Based Services (LBS) enable the use of GPS technology to quickly locate the desired service or destination and use real-time navigation assist. Another innovative Symbian technology is FreeWay, which enables high quality audio/video streaming, VoIP calls, WiMax and hi-speed 3G, which is reliable and can be easily integrated with the mobile web browsers.

Élan Telemedia developers and designers have also developed expertise over ScreenPlay, the new Symbian graphics architecture that is guaranteed to deliver crystal clear display with HD quality for next-generation games and animations. Using ScreenPlay, we can develop graphics rich Symbian games and other applications without compromising the battery life. Our experienced Symbian application developers can develop high quality games and multimedia applications using the Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) technology that divides a particular task among different processors on the same chip, to finish it quickly. We have likewise developed expertise on the Demand Paging technology pioneered by Symbian to conserve and optimally utilise the mobile RAM.

Mobile J2ME Application Services

The revolution in global technology brings the reign of wireless expertise in the form of smart mobile devices. J2ME is a powerful new mobile application development technology and has emerged as the world's most popular mobile platform. It is easily accessible on GSM and CDMA handsets. It is supported by the major phone manufactures such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Blackberry and many more. J2ME supported wireless phones comprise over 80 percent of all handsets.


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