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To deliver highest quality and cost effective solutions in the shortest time possible for every project we undertake.
Wireless Application Development

Élan has a wireless telephony framework that is the outcome of vast R&D carried out by the company on telephone based application development. As a telephony product developer you come across enormous challenges from platform to platform and phone to phone within the same platform. Our framework helps you address your R&D needs and allows you with an access to readily available components which can be customized to your specific needs. This helps you roll out your product on multiple platforms and handsets with very less amount of testing because our framework is proven in the market and has been tested successfully on diverse handsets with all popular mobile platforms and technologies. This framework handles the calls and messages the way you desire in your product giving you the complete control over your application.

With the Mobile Telephony framework, you can manage call priority, call behaviour, tapping of incoming calls, routing, custom OEM call functionality, ring tones, call based advertising, call interception, profiles, secure calling, notifications, rule based filtering, auto-answering, messaging, specific text extraction, events, security, geographic messaging and settings to name several of the frameworks manageable components.
Phone Call SMS/Email
  • Call Priority
  • Changing call behaviour
  • Tapping incoming & Outgoing call
  • DTMT authetification
  • Routing message
  • Customised OEM call functions
  • Calls intercepting
  • Secured calling
  • Profile setting
  • Call based advertising
  • Dynamic rigntones
  • Mute ringtones
  • Special modification
  • Route based filter
  • Auto answering
  • Dynamic messaging
  • Secure messaging
  • Special text extraction
  • Message triggered execution
  • Message based authentification
  • Message based security
  • Location based messaging
  • Profile setting


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